Peter Pan soars onto the stage this November

Nathaniel Cobb, Features Editor

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Every year the advanced theater arts class puts on a musical in the fall. In the past they have performed The Addams Family and Urinetown. The students involved have a lot of fun and generally plan on continuing theater arts in college.

The students of the theater arts class are starting to gear up to perform Peter Pan this November. Many of the students are especially excited for this musical because some of them will be ‘flying’ across the auditorium. A system will be installed to give the effect of flying, since this particular musical requires a lot of it, and some students will be taught how to use it. Most are excited, some are nervous.

Mercedes Castillo, junior, plays the role of Peter Pan. She says it’s “really not different that a girl plays Peter because that’s how it was in the actual show.” She goes on to say, “it’s also difficult because now I have to act more guy-like.” This type of situation is common within theater arts because not only does it challenge the students in charge of the roles, but it also makes the show more interesting.

The role of Captain Hook is played by Jacob Mentzer, sophomore. He’s preparing for this role by challenging himself and asking “what would I do if I were a villain?” He says he’s super excited for this role and has improved immensely since playing Uncle Fester in The Addams Family and says, “I have a lot more experience and I feel a whole lot more comfortable on that big stage and will only improve from here.”

With all of the community involvement and cool special effects, Peter Pan is already showing signs of being a truly amazing musical no one will want to miss out on.

Cheyann Neades

Actresses of Peter Pan study their lines for the upcoming show.

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Peter Pan soars onto the stage this November