A big disappointment

Cheyann Neades, Creative Arts Editor

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Valentine’s Day, February fourteenth, the day where we go empty our wallets on candy and presents that’ll barely last someone a whole week. Girls get all done up that morning, and hearts are floating above everyone’s heads. But is Valentine’s Day really worth what we imagine it to be?


Here are the top five expectations and the reality of them on Valentine’s Day.


Expectation #1: Large stuffed animals. You know those huge stuffed puppies and bears you see in the wired baskets at the store? Yeah, your so called “valentine” walked right past those when he was shopping. Sorry to break it to you, but he’d rather stick with the pocket-sized toys from the dollar store. At least he tried, right?


Expectation #2: A bouquet. You’ve been eyeing those beautiful roses from Maison Des Fleurs and a bouquet of Victoria’s Secret panties. But let’s be realistic here, that’s most likely not going to happen. You might be receiving a flower or two, but don’t mind the fact that they’re starting to age already.


Expectation #3: Jewelry. You’re probably hoping to open a small box from Pandora, or even Tiffany’s if you find yourself to have good luck. You’ve been dropping tons of hints about the latest jewelry collections, in hopes of being able to show off that fifteen karat necklace. I hope you don’t mind plastic, because he had to get you some sort of hand candy when he was in a rush this morning. Don’t worry, the silver ring with a fake pink gem will compliment your nearly brown flower. At least he actually took the jewelry aspect into consideration, and it only cost him a quarter.


Expectation #4: A fancy dinner. You think to end the night he would surprise you with dinner reservations at a high class restaurant. You go all out with your outfit, makeup and hair. And when you get into the car, your mind is racing, all you can think about is where your dinner is going to take place and what other surprises he has in store for you. Next thing you know, you take a left into the McDonald’s drive-thru. I mean hey, it’s food and you’re hungry, so enjoy. It’s still technically some sort of date, take advantage of it.


Expectation #5: Chocolate. The key to Valentine’s Day, all you want is to just stuff your face into a huge heart shaped box of chocolate. From the fruit filled, caramel, and double chocolate, the possibilities are endless. But since you got that gourmet meal at McDonald’s, you have to go buy yourself the candy on clearance the next day. It might be a little stale but it still satisfies your craving. Just turn on some Netflix and savor the chocolate.


Okay, maybe you don’t have THAT high of expectations, but that’s not what it shows on your Twitter profile. Hopefully your significant other planned a little something for the day and doesn’t turn completely cheap on you. But remember, it’s the thought that counts.

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A big disappointment